About us

Our company has been providing global freight and logistics service from North and South America since 1999. On June 2014, we've adopted the new name "Amrus Logistics", which evolved from STS Logistics USA, Inc. and was a part of the STS Logistics Group, to better represent our core business. Our President, Nick Nickolaychuk was one of the founding shareholders. After spending 15 years with STS, we've decided to extend our experience to other independent freight forwarders specialized in Russia and CIS, so they can gain more competitive advantage by shipping from the Americas. Our dedication to teamwork, customer satisfaction and technological advancement has made our clients' success of the foundation for our own.


For the past decade, we are thriving in the field as one of the leading neutral logistics solutions provider for services between North & South America and Russia & CIS Countries.

To continue the high standards of quality, we will:

Develop innovative added value solutions to meet the freight &logistics needs of our customers while continuously delighting them with the quality of our product.

Offer innovative IT solutions that will help our customers to be in control of their shipments and gain competitive advantage.


The values that have always been at the top of the agenda includes:


In order to energize employees and make them feel valued for the effort they put:


To maintain the standard of quality we have set up til now: