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Freight Services


Amrus Logistics, Inc. encompasses all grounds with its extensive freight services, assuring that your freight requirements – whether it is air and/or ocean- are well managed.


Moving goods from one place to another can be quite hectic and takes a considerable amount of planning. Don't worry, you now have Amrus as a partner that can take you effortlessly through such steps and handle your lanes professionally, while not compromising exceptional service and attention to detail. With years of expertise and experience in air forwarding, together with the maximum level of personal service, we provide the best possible freight services to cater all your air freight needs. No matter, what you require: a customized solution, documentation, letters of credit, charter arrangements or cargo insurance for your consignment, our dedicated teams will fulfil all your needs and demands.

Whether it is temperature-controlled shipments or paperless flights, we excel in everything related to Air Freight Services. Our experts deliver personalized, end-to-end transport services, worldwide. Here, the Air Freight product is divided into service levels that are the packages differentiated on the basis of delivery times, handling procedures, routings and prices, making it possible to suit any need.

Your deliveries are safely handled with utmost care of our professional line of services, including:

Ocean Freight Service

Whether it is Full Container Load (FCL), Non-Containerized Load (NCL), Less than Container Load (LCL) or Roll on –Roll off (Ro Ro) services, We can help!

Amrus Logistics organizes multimodal transportation of any freight providing logistics solutions to our clients. We have extensive direct partnerships with trucking, railway and ocean carriers. We'll accept the freight at point of origin and deliver it to the final destination under one through Bill of Lading.

Amrus Logistics provides ocean freight capacity under four main services, namely:

Full Container Load: FCL is the shipping option that makes up the majority of Amrus Logistics' Ocean Freight service and it involves shipping a full container as a single unit. For customers, this is generally the fastest and most efficient way to move products.

Less than Container Load:LCL involves moving goods that do not fill a container. Cargoes are combined with others to maximize load factors of containers. Combining goods headed to the same region or destination gives customers with lower volume shipments, access to ocean freight economies of scale that are normally restricted to full container movements.

Non-Containerized Load or Beak Bulk: The NCL service covers goods that require special handling not covered by shipping in a standard container or oversize goods that do not fit a standard container. In addition to moving these loads by ship, Amrus Logistics arranges road or other transport assistance to the final destination.

Roll on –Roll off Service: We can ship freight Ro-Ro if it has wheels and can be rolled on and off the vessel. This applies to all types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, construction vehicles, tractors, trailers, mobile homes, RV's, backhoes, bulldozers, and much more.

Project Cargo

With a vast network of vendors operating in the niche sectors of industry and years of expertise, we provide our clients with incorporated logistics project management and transport services to make sure your freight reaches its destination in accordance with the plan. By customizing a personalized transportation plan, Amrus Logistics can make pre-projections of your transport costs and assure proper routings and transport modes are employed.

Consolidation Services

We provide loose container load (LCL) and full container load (FCL) consolidation services at our agent's custom bonded warehouses. Once the consolidation services are done, we deliver the payload successfully to consignee's warehouses in different parts of the world.